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Tech solutions and services

Technology Consulting

Tech consulting firm

Gadgets and gizmos are just the start.

Artificial intelligence

We integrate Ai into existing or new systems.

Machine + human

Two sets of hands is better than one.

Problem solving

Seeing how tech can be used to solve problems.


Reducing workloads and increasing efficiency.

Tech Integration

Technology is becoming more and more connected to our daily routines, don't let your business get left behind.

Ensuring connectivity

Our tech consulting practices are based around the idea of using technology to carry out jobs that humans find incredibly hard.

Leading tech consultancy

Being groundbreaking isn’t always easy.

Tech innovation

Crum Consult looks at how organizations can bring new tech into their current business model and adopt new practices in order to gain a competitive edge in the market. By carrying out research, prototyping, incubation and analysis, Crum Consult can bring your company to new heights using technology.

Creativity in code

The fastest way from A to B is in a straight line, but there may be other options that make even more sense, depending on factors that are not always obvious. Our team ensures that your project will be finished to the highest possible level and without any corners being cut in the process.

Cutting edge

Client requests are usually hard to predict, but we have every possible tool in our arsenal to make sure that we are able to facilitate even the most complex projects. Pushing the boundaries of Ai, machine learning and other tech systems, we make sure the future is brighter than the past.

Bringing the unimaginable to the forefront

Who needs tech consulting


Schools, colleges, universities and more require tech services in order to stay up-to-date.

Medical facilities

We work with hospitals and research centers in order to upgrade their tech capabilities and boost efficiency.


Household names need to stay at the forefront of internal operations, we make them more streamline than ever.


Covid-19 has demonstrated that even governments have a stake in the latest in technological advancements.

We work with organizations around the world to implement tech solutions.

A technology consultant is someone who has significant experience and knowledge within the tech sector, who uses their technical and non-technical skills to help organizations improve their tech capabilities.

We push what people believe is possible using tech, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and super-computing and more. In the past 12-months, we have worked to make businesses around the world more efficient with automation.

Using tech to solve problems is our speciality. We work with organizations around the world to make their systems more cost-effective, less labor-intensive and streamline workflow.

If your organization is in need of tech consulting services then contact our team to receive a consultation. No request or project is too complex for our team to work on.

Regardless of what sector your business operates in, we can consult you in regards to all aspects of tech, technical and non-technical. This includes tech strategy and implementation.

It’s not often clear what an IT consultant does and IT firms are not always straight forward in their services. Put simply, an IT consultant will advise, integrate and deal with almost all challenges you face in regards to technology and it’s application.