What Is The Role Of A Business Consultant

What Is The Role Of A Business Consultant

In this article we take a look at what exactly a business consultant does and the day to day activities of a business consultant. It goes without saying, all consulting firms are different and the work life balance that each consultant will have is different, due to the freedom that the role comes with. For example, consultant A may choose to work all day for a week to fulfill a project, where Consultant B will work half a day, per day, for two weeks and complete the same task. Depending on client requirements, the role can widely vary. Due to the variation from firm to firm, we will be focusing on our own consultants. That’s right, one of Crum Consult’s very own business consultants will be going through the day to day…

Firstly, I am the leading business consultant at Crum and responsible for managing most of the mid-size and large scale projects that fall under the business consulting sector. Many questions regarding the consulting profession get asked frequently, I will try to answer some of the unanswered questions in this blog post. It is also important to remember that at Crum, we have tech consultants, digital consultants and people who specialize in specific areas of business and other sectors. Since I cover all of these sectors in a management role, I have an all-round view of the entire job position.

What Is A Business Consultant?

A business consultant is someone who works with clients in order to solve problems and help them implement solutions that work as a fix. My job as a business consultant is incredibly enjoyable due to the flexibility that is comes with. I have a lot of freedom with how I choose to tackle client problems, as I have experience running businesses in the past.

What Do You Spend Your Time Doing?

The majority of time, I am actually traveling to and from client offices in order to finalize plans and start projects. When I am in the Crum Consult office, I am researching current projects that clients require assistance with and communicating to them. The technical team are responsible for tech implementation and development. Although, before a project gets to this stage, the client will look to have hours of meetings and talks to find out what solution suits them best and how we are going to fulfill this.

As a high-up member on the team, I am usually leading meetings. These meetings can cover anything from a connecting the technical team to the consulting team to what markets we are going to enter next.

What Clients Do You Work With?

The clients that we work with are located all around the world and operate in most sectors. This includes tech, healthcare and travel just to name a few. Our consultants and marketing team work with startups, small, mid-size and large businesses (and governments) to provide solutions. Although, my job description includes only working on mid-size and large projects. Budgets depend on project complexity and the length of time that it’ll take to complete, amongst other things.

Startup businesses often need consulting that relates to them securing funding, finding executives to join their current team and marketing consulting. Although, it is impossible to forecast a clients requirements, because all companies are different and the problems they face are unique.

Mid-size businesses turnover between £25 and £500 million per year. The mid-size companies that we work with are based all around the world and operate in many sectors. These companies require different types of consulting. For example, the marketing consulting that they require is typically quite complex, multi-layered and requires significant man-power. We also see firms of this size looking to overhaul their technological capabilities once they reach a certain level of employees and turnover.

Large companies are classed as businesses that have a turnover of over £500 million per year. We work with many companies this size to carry out a variety of projects. Tech consulting, management consulting, operations consulting and marketing consulting are just a few of the services that we provide to companies of this size. Our team of experts work around the clock to ensure that the clients requirements are met within a predetermined timeframe.

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