Do You Need A Marketing Coach For Your Business?

marketing coach

What is a marketing coach? To start off with, a marketing coach is someone who helps entrepreneurs market their business. This means developing a brand voice, understanding and honing in on what makes their business stand out and how to convey their message to customers. Having a large marketing budget really doesn’t mean much if what you are marketing doesn’t convert. It is the job of a marketing coach to help businesses create lifetime customers and show the in-house team at a business how to maximize their potential when it comes to marketing.

It is easy as a business owner to say that you want to get more emails out to subscribers every year, or gain more Instagram followers, but if you don’t have a strategy once you send these emails or get these followers, then it will be a waste of time and resources. A good marketing coach will be able to increase your businesses income and revenue without having to increase capital output.

Why would I need a marketing coach? Many entrepreneurs will look for courses and go on seminars that are designed to help them realize ‘their full potential’ as a business-person. However, these courses and seminars can be very passive, with no real interaction or guidance. Some books and courses may be beneficial to some entrepreneurs, but this is because they are already 90% there when it comes to their marketing strategy. If you are new to marketing, then one course will not make much difference to how successful your marketing campaign is. A marketing coach will be able to give you a hands-on approach that broadens your scope of marketing channels. It is wise to work with a marketing coach to teach you the foundations of developing a marketing strategy, this can be effective even on a short-term basis.

Consultant Vs Coach

Although it may not sound much different, there is actually a difference between a marketing consultant and a marketing coach. A marketing consultant is a broad term, which covers people that you may add to your team to work in-house, but can also mean an agency that works alongside your business. A marketing coach will work with a business owner and executive members of staff, whereas a consultant is likely to only work on one project. Both options can help your business have a more successful marketing campaign, it just depends on the type of budget you have, size of your business and targets. If you are looking for some guaranteed results, then some consulting firms may be able to provide this if you meet their retainer requirements. A coach may provide you with the soft-skills required to run your own campaign, but this may not actually convert.

Entrepreneurship coach

An entrepreneurship is slightly different to a marketing coach, as this type of coaching is designed to guide you to be a better all-round businessperson and not just marketer. An entrepreneur coach are often people who had success in the world of business and are now passing on their skills to others who are growing businesses. A good coach will spot weaknesses, give unbiased counsel and push you to reach your goals.

Corporate coaches

Also known as executive coaches, a corporate coach will work with employees to help them to reach their optimum potential. Some executive coaches can charge up to $3,500 per hour, with group sessions being considerable more. An example of a corporate coach that many people will be familiar with is a fictional character, Wendy Rhoades, from the hit tv show – Billions. Corporate coaches have been scrutinized in recent years, due to the fact that some are former athletes and celebrities, meaning that a formal education hasn’t been given. It is argued that it can be more harm than good to give psychological advice with no training.

This training is often given one-on-one and is meant to help executives deal with decisions more effectively. Mid-tier staff are unlikely to require a corporate performance coach, but for startup founders and high-pressure positions, it may be helpful for some coaching.

How we do coaching

We provide coaching services for clients when necessary, this is often helpful for board members and high-pressure positions. We first determine the needs of a client, analyze their decision making process and then assign a trained coach in order to help them streamline their thought process.

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